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Established in 2008, SNUGGBUDS HEADSETS Designs and Develops Quality Headsets with Incredible Surround-Sound for users of iPhones and other Smart Phones, iPods, mp3 Players, Air Travel and Computer Systems.

We got our start by "proving' the quality of our headset products through in-person, customer demonstrations at events. Based in Southern California and created by fans of both action sports and technology, the focus of SNUGGBUDS HEADSETS has been strictly geared toward end users of light-weight earbud headphones. We consistently review our competitors' technology and costs to consumers. Our belief is that SNUGGBUDS products stand tall in comparison to our competitors' technology and that our customers can receive better pricing, quality and product styles from our SNUGGBUDS line.

* Our light-weight PUMP'D and SB-X sport models are designed for a great fit and stay in when you sweat during vigorous workouts! (Mic Unit Optional)
* Our WET! model is completely waterproof and fit deep in the ear for snug comfort and great sound!
* Mavericks and BlinggBuds headsets were two of our original headset lines and run as fan favorites! (Mic Unit Optional)
* The Fusion model carries a clean speaker sound with less emphasis on bass and more focus on highs and mid-range speakers for a sophisticated ear!

All SNUGGBUDS compete extremely well against big name-brand earbuds that boast high quality for three-times the price! Each model was intended to be created with a unique style available for any user, from the average "easy listener" to the active, hard-core "weekend warrior."


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