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Customers love our headsets and we hear about it on a daily basis. From letters customers have written us to the customer actually speaking directly with us at the events we attend across the United States, we appreciate the feedback.Our goal is to allow you the opportunity to view some of the feedback that we have received over time. Read below and enjoy.

Part of my role as a SF Marathon Ambassador is to review products sent to us by race sponsors. So, last week I received a pair of SnuggBuds ear buds. I sampled the SB-X model or sport model. They make ear buds in all sorts of varieties and styles, from those specifically for Droid and iPhones, for those who need LOTS of bass in their ears, for those who would like their ear buds "bedazzled." First, I was pleased to received the white sports model and not the hot pink, Blingg Buds." But I digress.

Ok, I wore these on a couple of runs and in the car on the way to work. I LOVE the cord. It is a fabric, tangle-free, cord that drapes well, and not stiff or curled up like most new ear buds can be right out of the packaging. The buds come with extra ear gels fo various sizes. For me, a guy with a big mouth, I have strangely small ear openings. So I gravitate toward the smaller of the ear gels (why am I telling you this?). The buds seal off the ear pretty well and restrict any ambient noise from disrupting my Lady Gaga tunes (not sure I should've shared that). They aren't too bulky either, so I didn't feel as if I had marbles in my ears. If you have issues with those buds that just rest just inside the ear falling out of your ears (and I do) then you'll love these. They do not move once you've secured them.

Another thing I love about these buds is the cord. It is wrapped in fabric, which prevents tangling (to a point--my kid can tangle anything. Sorry Snugg Buds). The fabric covering keeps the cord light and easy to manage. Plus, it comes with a clip for securing the cord to a shirt collar or a hydration belt, or even a backpack strap. I love the clip!

The cord length is 1.2 Meters (close to 4 feet), which allows for me to keep it attached to my iPod in a lumbar pouch with plenty of cord to spare and not feel as if it is tugging or too short.

The sound quality is fantastic. These are your basic SnuggBuds, and not the one's with enhanced Bass. I cannot imagine how much bass you get with those. quality set of buds!

I'd really like to try a pair of their iPhone buds with a clickable mic to talk. I drive and talk on my phone a great deal, so having a quality set of dependable ear buds with the mic would be ideal!

VeganG - May 13, 2011
Your company ranks in one of the top 10 best customer service organizations I have ever come across. I bought my SnuggBuds in February at a fitness expo. I fell in love with them immediately as they cancel out all noise and are surround sound while I run. They don't come out of my ears (even during 26.2 mile marathons), they have a non-tangle cord, and the string clips on to your shirt. One of the favorite possessions I own and definitely the best $35 I've ever spent. It makes running so much more enjoyable. I have told everyone about the headphones and always make sure to go up to your booth at expos to tell the prospects how amazing they are. Well, a few weeks ago, the left speaker went out. Since you offer a warranty where you will replace any headphones that don't work, I sent mine in (I was extremely impressed that you even offered that). I sent mine in to you (and couldn't include a receipt because I didn't have it) and within a few days, a brand new pair of my headphones was at my door. WOW!!! Now THAT is customer service. I didn't think I could be much more of a fan, but you have exceeded my expectations. If you are an athlete, you NEED these headphones. I promise you will not regret it. The best thing I own!!! Thank you so so so much for all of your commitment to your customers!!!!!!

Lisa LlamasNewport Beach, Ca

Stephen, Marivic:

Thank you both very much for the headphones on Friday at the Expo – they proved to be an invaluable asset to getting me through my first marathon. They stayed in the whole time and I felt like I was in my own world isolated from the pain in my body because I was lost in the SnuggBuds music world. From the first song on mile 1 to the last song on mile 26, I didn’t adjust volume or music selection once! A true testimonial from the San Diego Padres front office, you can consider me a convert from Ipod headphones to Buds.

Warm Regards,
Matt Wiener
San Diego Padres Front Office

I very much appreciate the special treatment you have extended making it possible for me to give my grandson the exact item he wanted for his birthday. I am SO IMPRESSED with the level of customer service you have provided. I didn't think it existed anymore!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Diane B.
Mom's a Runner (October, 2010):

The Surfboard Man (September, 2010):

I had to write and tell you how impressed I am with your company. I placed an online order yesterday morning at 5:38am 9/21/10. I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email later saying that the order had been shipped and was astounded when I arrived at my office midday today and the Snuggbuds package was sitting on my desk! Wow, I just ordered them yesterday!!!

In this time of poor customer service, at best, with most companies I am very impressed with SnuggBuds. I love your product and wanted to get a second set for my travels keeping my original set at home.

You can be sure that I will recommend your company and product whenever possible. Feel free to use all or part of this email as a testimonial if you would like. Please keep up the good work, you rock!!

Jan C.
I just received my new Pump'D SnuggBuds! They are absolutely awesome! I love them even more than my previous 3 sets I got for my family! They have an excellent rich quality! It is amazing that I bought a $100 pair of headphones at the Apple Store that I returned that did not even come close to the older pairs I have from you and these are even better! What a value! Thanks for getting them out to me so quickly! They work excellent on my iPhone 4 and my new Blackberry Torch!


Bruce G.
I want to tell you how much I love these things. I ran 3 miles this morning with them and they didn't move at all. After the 2nd mile I didn't even feel them. I've been listening to them all day at work. Awesome! They sound great and feel even better. Great product, I'm going tell all my friends they need to get a pair.

David A.
Dear Snuggbuds:

I have never done this before, but I can't recall the last time I actually bought something that completely satisfied me. I purchased a pair of the Snuggbuds this past weekend at the AVP event in Huntington Beach, CA. I used them for the first time today, and I was completely satisfied - they did exactly what they were supposed to do. They stayed in my ears and they put out great music.

The test I put them through was the same one which I have so frustratingly tested other - hiking Camelback Mountain in Phoenix. It's one just over a mile up and just over a mile down. I weigh about 190 Lbs, so coming down lets just say that is not a soft landing. Every other product I have tried fell out of my ears coming down. Maybe the other products give out better music but it would be impossible to know since none of the stay in your ears enough to hear it with no background noise.

Anyhow, I am a completely satisfied customer and I was blown away by a simple product that does exactly what it is is supposed to do. I will happily send you my collections of Sennhauser ($80), Bose ($50) and assorted other products in return for an extra pair of Snuggbuds in case I lose or break the pair I have.

I play beach volleyball because it is a simple sport ... serve, dig, set, spike - side out. Side out and you win. Snuggsbuds are a sideout.


Mike Morgan

PS: The only suggestion that I have is that you make a sport version in AVP black and yellow.

I purchased a pair of SnuggBuds (the SB-X Chrome edition) for my iPhone at Macworld Expo in Feb. They are fantastic. I think they are better than the buds which come with the Apple iPhone. The SnuggBuds stay in the ear - due to the gel, and I believe the sound quality is equal if not better than Apple's iPhone buds. Furthermore, I think the build quality of the SnuggBuds is superior to the Apple iPhone buds. Speaking from experience, I would buy several pairs of Apple iPhone buds for my iPhone every year and I've had an iPhone since 2007 - the cost adds up!

So what have I got from SnuggBuds. Buds that won't fall out with superior sound quality that won't wear out within months and wont' run me a hundredbucks per year in replacement costs! Yeah!


Doug N.
"I purchased a pair of snugg buds just before my race. They were more comfortable than any other pair of earphones I have ever tried and their sound was amazing. It really made my race that much easier. I would recommend them to anyone. "

Thanks again.

Tamiko Shibata

Corky CarrollProfessional Surfer/Journalist
I met you on Friday at the OC Marathon Expo (we talked about the Long Beach and Dana Point bike races). I ended up getting the sports model SnuggBuds. I ran the Marathon this morning and I just wanted to tell you how AWESOME your headphones are! The sound was amazing. They actually staid in place without any hassles. I'm really glad I got them.


--Craig K. /PhD
Thank you for your prompt service. I really like your product. I'm a DJ and sound quality is top priority to me. When I first listened to your Snuggbuds, I was thoroughly impressed. Big, clear sound and ample bass. Good price, too. I've paid more for less. Thanks for replacing my Snuggbuds, I use them everyday and the earbuds I'm using now sound horrible compared to yours.

Thanks Again,JR
I just wanted to say that I have been looking for good sport headphones for a long time. I found your company at a running expo for the LA Marathon and bought a pair of headphones. They lasted longer than any other pair I've had! I just purchased the Mavericks for the Iphone to run with and can't wait to get them. Thanks so much for making these and I hope that you stick around for a long time.

- J. Schneider
I have been fidgiting with head phones for years, whether it be for the cell phone, psp, portable dvd's, laptops etc. It's about time I came across snuggbuds. Only comment is that these are the best ear buds I have ever purchased. When I first put on the snugg buds, I was blown away. The bass was thumpin' and overall sound quality was extremely clear. I didn't hear any of the outside noise from the crowd. And it's the most comfortable headset I have tried to date. Judging by the material and sound quality, this is going to last me for years. I bought the SB-X (black) which is exactly what I was looking for. Low profile, and comfortable without compromising on sound quality. I'm taking this pair to the snow although I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose them because of jealousy, but I'd be happy to buy another pair for gifts or back ups. I'm curious to try these during rehearsals, since it is really great at blocking out the ambient noise. All of my friends have broken the original headset and paid apple ($50) to replace them, rather than to get a pair of snuggbuds for less. Suckers! Thanks snuggbuds. Question: how do i get stickers.

D. Kim
Great product and customer care. Keep it up!

J.Z. Hicks
Thank you so much!!! :) Amazing customer service, can't wait to listen to my jams

D. Sterman
8/22/09 To: Customer Care, SnuggBuds

Your product is outstanding and I have been recommending them to friends and family. Your customer service response is excellent and I hope that you have plans in the future for a dealer in the Temecula/Murrieta area.


M. Witous
Happy to tell you. I was just about ready to go into an Apple store to replace my iPod's ear phones, when my son - lives in Santa Monica, CA - called me. When I told him where I am and what I am doing he strongly recommended your Snuggbuds. He also said that he bought them on line and that they are the best ear phones he has ever used. I did a 180, walked out of the store, drove home and went on line to order these.

Regards, D. Feig
Hello Customer Care,

I recently purchased a pair of SnuggBuds and they are AWESOME! I have afriend who tried the ones I purchased and loved them, as well.

- W. Beaman
Att. SnuggBuds:

My husband purchased a set of earphones from you today (Sat 5/2/09 in Newport Beach for this Sundays 1/2 marathon). I'm very picky with any earphones I use & I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with the wonderful sound these earphones had when I listened to my Ipod with them! I'm preparing to purchase a new set of Bose but now am anxious to purchase from you instead. My husband is running tomorrow (Sun) at the 1/2 marathon; you guaranteed he wouldn't have problems running while using these earphones, if so, then I'll purchase a set of my own from you instead. I'm don't know the difference in cost for runners versus someone wanting to purchase online but I wanted you to know that I'm very impressed with the sound from these headphones. I am anxious to find out how they worked for my husband during his run!


Thanks for the great customer service! I do customer care for my company. Anyway, your ear buds are the best I have tried so I will order on line. I think i have weirdly small ears and most headphones pop out.

Just to let you know, I purchased a pair of the SB-X series at the Great Race Expo and absolutely loved them. Steve thanks for your help in selecting the appropriate series for my workouts. All of you keep up the good work!!!

M. Barrera
I was a volunteer at the pasadena marathon expo and was quite pleased when I stoped by the booth of the snuggbuds and was given the opportunity to first try the head phones of your companies product,they were great and I paid the price for them. I do hope to you see your company at other events.

D. Watson
Att. SnuggBuds Customer Care,

I should've sent this reply a while ago. I apologize for the lateness.

I received the replacement earbuds that you sent. Thank you so much! I was expecting to buy a replacement pair at the discounted rate and was pleasantly surprised to receive a replacement in the mail.

I'm a professional musician and have been impressed with the quality of SnuggBudds. Considering the price; the sound quality, comfort and durability is outstanding (cat attacks aside). I've tried various other earbuds: the cheaper ones usually sound terrible, and the more expensive ones sound great, but aren't always comfortable. Plus, I'm less likely to stuff the more pricey headsets in my pocket for fear of damage. I'm definitely going to recommend your product to my fellow musicians.

Thanks again, and best regards,

-M. Novack
I checked out the article by Corky Carroll and it's funny because I had read it in the Register at the time, but now it has more meaning reading about your SnuggBuds in there. Cool!

Thanks again!

Dear SnuggBuds!

I have worn them everyday for my them--Unobtrusive, great sound, plenty of chord...real winner here. Thanks again,

CPT G. Genrich
I bought a Mavericks - Abaco, at the Long Beach Pride booth and need another pair. I normally dislike the type of head-sets that go in your ear because they constantly fall out. Your product is the very first pair I've found that DON'T fall out and are super comfortable. I need to know where to get a pair asap since your web-site says your out of stock.

Thank you!

C. Yochem... fan for life.