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Please print and complete this RETURN FORM and mail it to us with your headset. All information is below regarding Warranty, Returns and Loyalty Coupon Codes. SNUGGBUDS does not mail replacement units to customers outside of the USA at this time. Customers from outside the USA may request replacement on products, but must include a self-addressed package for international mailing.

Thank you for purchasing SNUGGBUDS headphones. We absolutely warranty our products and offer our customers options for returning damaged headsets for repair or a complete product replacement due to manufacturing defective issues.

·All customer headset purchases are automatically registered upon online store purchase. The SnuggBuds 6-Month replacement warranty policy then immediately applies.

·Our customer care team will not respond to any mail received without this form completed and included with your headset.

Return Form - Word Document


All SNUGGBUDS Products offer a 6-Month warranty to the original retail purchaser that the earphones shall be free against defects in materials or workmanship. Limitations to this warranty include cosmetic damage, sun damage, water damage, and tears to fabric cord during consumer use. Shipping products directly to SNUGGBUDS for return, repair, or replacement is the responsibility of the end user. If this product proves defective in material or workmanship/manufacturing then SNUGGBUDS will either repair the product or replace the product at no additional cost to the customer. If the product model is not in-stock, no longer available, cannot be repaired effectively or replaced with an identical model, SNUGGBUDS may replace the unit with a current model of equal or less value. Under these circumstances, SNUGGBUDS staff will make every effort to contact the end user to arrange for a preferred model or color exchange.

All customers seeking a replacement unit must submit the defective unit to SNUGGBDS via mail and the customer's expense along with a completed RETURN FORM which can be found at Once received, all returns are documented by our Customer Care staff and all customers will be notified by email.

In addition, replacement unit(s) sent to any customer within the original 6-month warranty period does not "re-start" the warranty policy for an additional 6-month period of time. Example: If a headset is replaced five months post-purchase then the customer carries a balance of 1-month/30-days in his or her warranty period. All customers MUST register his or her products for any warranty to be validated. To register your headset products go to We check all customers for registration upon receipt of mail. Customer mail that is received and seeking a warranty replacement will not be addressed unless the customer seeking the warranty claim is properly registered in our system.


We understand that many of our customers are very active with mountain & road biking, skiing, running, etc. Therefore, SNUGGBUDS offers its "Wear & Tear Policy." All SNUGGBUDS products are carry a 6-month warranty as stated above. If after 6-months "post purchase" a customer’s warranty for the original headset has expired then the customer will have the opportunity to return the headset to SNUGGBUDS Customer Care for a one-time Loyalty Coupon Code. The code may be used for a second purchase through our online store and will be a specific code for each customer.

  • 7-12 Months Post-Purchase: Receive a 50% Off Code for Next Purchase (good for 30 days)
  • 13-18 Months Post-Purchase: Receive a 20% Off Code for Next Purchase (good for 30 days)

Please Note: SNUGGBUDS is not responsible to return mail to customers for the following:

  • Customer mails package containing headset(s) and seeking warranty replacement or Loyalty Coupon outside the stated warranty replacement or Loyalty Coupon Code time frame mentioned above.
  • Customer changes his or her mind in the warranty process and requests return of original product. Products will not be returned via mail at SNUGGBUDS’ expense.
  • If a customer is outside of the warranty period the customer seeking the warranty will be notified and the headset will be discarded.

(Shipping &Receiving Address Only)

Att. Customer Care
30262 Crown Valley Pkwy.
Suite B-394
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 USA
(949) 891-0162 fax
[email protected]

Return Form - Word Document


All product sales and purchases made onsite at event locations, such as sports expos, are considered "FINAL" for all customers. The 14-Day Refund policy offered to online purchases does NOT apply to event purchases. SNUGGBUDShonors a 6-month warranty on all products sold at events sites throughout the USA. To receive your warrantied replacement item SNUGGBUDS must receive the current defective headset and a completed Return Form explaining the problem or reason for return, place of purchase, all contact information (name, address, tel#, email, etc.) and a copy of your receipt. Customers at event sites seeking warranty issues may also receive a Loyalty discount onsite (50% or 20% depending on purchase date); however, the same rules apply as mentioned above for customers seeking warranty claims via mail.

  • 7-12 Months Post-Purchase: Receive a 50% Off Code for Next Purchase (good at event site)
  • 13-18 Months Post-Purchase: Receive a 20% Off Code for Next Purchase (good at event site)

14-Day Refund Policy: 14-Day Refund Policy ONLY applies to product purchases that are placed online directly through the SNUGGBUDS website. Each and every customer has the right to return any product within 14-days of purchase for a full refund.

All returns for refund within first 14-days MUST come with product packaging, package contents, a completed Return Form and purchase receipt or refunds will NOT be honored. If all items mentioned are not included with the customer’s package then SNUGGBUDS is not obligated to fulfill the refund request and the item(s) purchased will be returned to the customer/sender.

(**Please Note: Any headset(s) returned for a refund post 14-day purchase that are not in working order or received without all packaging, parts & ear gels will not be issued a credit and will fall under defective 6 month replacement warranty.)

Defective Product Return Policy (6 Months - PostPurchase): If you have purchased a SNUGGBUDS product(s) and discover that your headset is defective, has any damage or malfunction due to factory error, please mail your headset to our Customer Care division and include a detailed description of the problem that occurred. Please see 6-month warranty details above and find the Return Form on our website at