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SnuggBuds are The Best In Ear Headphones, PERIOD!!

Based in Southern California and created by fans of both action sports and technology, SNUGGBUDS develops the best in ear headphones for a wide demographic customer base. Our audio earbud headsets have been designed specifically for people just like us; sport enthusiasts, travelers and active men & women of all ages. Our goal is to create unique & high quality products for iPods, iPhones (and other "smart phones with 3.5mm jack ports), mp3 players, air travel and computer systems and for anyone who likes to mix quality sound with style at affordable prices.

Our focus is strictly the best light-weight earbud headphones. We consistently review our competitors' technology and costs to consumers. Our belief is that SnuggBuds products stand tall in comparison to our competitors' technology and that our customers can receive better pricing, quality and product styles from our SnuggBuds line.

What Makes SnuggBuds Different From Other Headsets on the Market?? That's easy...

1) Style - We have completely unique styles available for all customers, including Blingg for women of all ages, Camo, SB-X and Pump'D sport models for active athletes, either hard-core or "weekend warriors."

2) Quality - We feature only the BEST quality headphones. All of our headsets are made of aluminum alloy (light-weighted metal) and our "sport models" all come with a non-tangle, fabric cord. Nothing in our line consists of plastic like so many other products on the market. Our speakers also compete well with "big-name" brands and we love to demo our headsets with customers (in-person) to prove our value.

3) Price - Better value for a better price! How many people can justify spending $80 to $150 on the more expensive, bigger-branded headsets available today? We provide value at a level that any college kid can afford to pay for excellent quality products and customer service, incredible sound and very competitive pricing! If you came to this site because you were asking "What are the best headphones?" - we hope you'll agree that SnuggBuds is the answer to your question.

We got our start by proving the quality of our headsets through in-person, customer demonstrations?so check out our EVENTS CALENDAR on our website and come "Hear the Difference!"